Are you overwhelmed?
Do you feel that you are not getting anywhere?
A mentor, especially one that you hire, is someone who will give you the unfiltered, unbiased advice you need most. A mentor is someone who has the experience, or expertise, or skills that you wish to acquire. 

Choose to fulfill your potential with Mentoring and leave the excuses behind.
Gain clarity, focus & achieve!

The Facts..
  • 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes ( Harvard Business Review)
  • 69% were making better decisions (Harvard Business Review)
  • 70% believed they were more effective because they developed & shared their goals with their mentors. (Harvard Business Review)
  • 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs. Why? Because investing in leadership capability pays off in performance, productivity and innovation (Centre for Workplace Leadership 2016)
  • Mentees were promoted five times more often than those not in the program; and retention rates were much higher for mentees (72%) (Gartner 2006)
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Our Solutions 

Individual Mentoring


Group Mentoring


Mentor Mornings 
Company Mentor Training
Company Mentoring program


Our current clients come from a wide range of industries & challenges. They continuously compliment us for achieving their goals of....

  • Scaling  online through education 
  • Franchising across Australia
  • Developing & planning an exit strategy
  • Creating promotion opportunities for ambitious executives 
  • Being connected to decision makers in a niche market
  • Being introduced to key players in their industry
What our meentees say..
I have worked with Kistin for over a year and her depth of knowledge via experience, and dedication to the betterment of others’ careers, has been profound. I am very humbled to have someone like Kistin in my network and am motivated by her and her efforts to build and nurture expansive networks of successful women. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside Kistin and learn from, and alongside her as I grow my business in financial advice. Kistin truly understands the benefits an expansive network of successful women can yield - many future dividends; and I am excited to be a part of it.

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Amanda Elisabeth
I am feeling energised with a clarity of purpose and a path forward which is a fantastic outcome from working with Jo! Her 'supportive provocateur' style has really worked for me. It is like knowing you have someone in your corner who completely 'has your back' while also pushing you to get out there and achieve what you set out to do...and more. Why not?! I can just hear her saying that...:) I leave our discussions with new concepts to ponder and a sense of pushing my aspirations beyond where I started. And there is just loads of practical, hands on advice along the way which is appreciated in a time of needing to make a lot of decisions. Most of all, the support feels like it comes from a very authentic place of giving in order to foster the success of others...
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Joanne Clancy
An exceptional leader and mentor, Lisa provides invaluable support and insightful strategies to those around her. With a warm and inclusive manner that has enabled her to build lasting relationships that have fostered growth in both business and personal development for those lucky enough to have worked with her!
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Jenni Wearing-Smith
I would like to thank you Lisa as before I connected with you I was feeling lost not knowing how to grow our business that I truly love. You have given me guidance to find what needed to change in our business. This is ongoing however we are so excited to implement the changes!

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Catherine McInerny
  • Lisa Sweeney
    CEO, Business in Heels

    Achieve your dreams. Develop a plan to succeed & commit, don't fail to plan.

  • * Expert strategist
    * Business Plans
    * Retail expert
    * Online marketing &
    * Small Business
    * Professional mentor
    * Strategic Connector

  • Jo Plummer (FAICD)
    CHAIR Barwon Water, Vic Water

    Potential is rarely achieved through luck or good intention alone. Take charge of your aspirations & move towards opportunity with choice & control.

  • * Expert strategist
    * Experienced board
    * Positive provocateur
       & change egent

    * Communication &

    * Professional mentor

  • Kistin Gunnis
    Operations Manager, Business in Heels

    Potential is rarely achieved through luck or good intention alone. Take charge of your aspirations & move towards opportunity with choice & control.

  • * Strategic Networking
    * Stakeholder
    * Building Trust &

    * Operation

    * Personal Power
    * Political Capital
    * Influencing &
    * Development Planning

  • Renee Jovic
    Zenith Business Advisory

    Passionate about making small business financially successful.

  • * CPA Accountant
    * Small Business
       Owner and Educator
    * Financial acocunting
    * Budgeting for
       business and
       personal goals
    * Small business
       cashflows &
       business structures

  • * Networking - both
       professional &
    * Property
       development and
    * Professional mentor
    * Long-term business
       goals strategist
    * Business exit
      strategy advice

  • Julie Hyam Elliott
    Board Portfolio

    Finance is not merely about making money. It's about achieving our deep goals & protecting the fruits of our labor. It's about stewardship &, therefore, about achieving the good society. Robert J.

  • * Business & Growth
    * Governance including
       management of risks
    * CEO - running a
       business, driving
       business efficiency &
       delivering superior

  • * Finance Strategist
       including analysing
       the financial position
       of a business,
       ensuring you have
       access to sufficient
       resources for your
       growth and

  • *  Fintech Expert Board
       & Chair Roles
       Government, Industry
       and start ups
    *  Financial Industry

  • Ricky Nowak
    Ricky Nowak Leadership

    Making Good People and Great Leaders so they can reap the rewards.

  • * CEO Leadership
    * Strategic Networking
    * Audacious LEadership
    * Emcee
    * Speaker, Moderator
    * Go from well meaning,
      to proactive and
    * Work on your purpose
       and build a legacy

  • Paula Dunn

    I help young girls & women create a confidence to conquer life their way!  Be you,have courage, live life with No Limits!

  • * Organisational &
       Leadership Coach
    *  Leadership
    *  Aligning Busines
       Strategy to Business
       Operational Success
       (Focus Cultural

  • * Management of
       Human Dynamics
       (Conflicts, Disputes,
       Bullying, cultural
    * Matching up
       attitudes and
       motivation to job
    * CoFounder
       Compatibility &
       Conflict Resolution

  • Jeni Clift

    We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Alber Einstein

  • * Business &
       Leadership Coach
    * Business and Growth
    * Create high
       functioning teams -
       get the Right People
       in the Right Seats
    *  Medium Business
       owner &
       General Manager
    *  Family Business
       expertise & strategy

  • Jo Surkitt

    Develop a powerful, clear mindset that will enable you to make sustainable "Positive Change" so you can thrive and flourish in your career and personal life.

  • * Expert Strategist
    * Resilience Educator
    * Communication
    * Work/Life Balance
    * Coaching Emotional
       Psychology educator
    * Professional Mentor

  • Sarah Taylor

    It's never too late, Start, today!

  • *Business & Leadership Coach
    *Business Strategy
    *COO - Delivering performance &
    operational efficiency, driving superior outcomes
    *Productivity & Performance Coach

  • *  High Performance
       Team Creation &
       Mentoring, Culture
    * Effective Recruitment
       - How to get the right
       person for the right
    * Career Progression -
       Pathway to the C

  • *  Career Change -
        Identifying Directions
        & Next Steps
    *  The Recruitment
        Game - How to land
        your dream job
    Communication Mastery for Management & Leadership
    Startups, FinTech, IT specialist

  • Anne Milne

    It's never too late, Start, today!

  • * Recruitment
    * HR Strategy
    * Fintech specialist
    * IT specialist
    * Productivity &
      Performance Coach
    * High Performance
      Team Creation &
      Mentoring, Culture

  • * Effective
      Recruitment- How to
      get the right person
      for the right role
    * Leadership Coaching
    * Communications
    * Psychology

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