Scale your Business with Video Marketing

Scaling your Business ?

Scared of not having enough work for your team?

Feeling frustrated with your lack of profile and ability to cut through the noise of the marketplace 

There is a better way to cut through the noise of the marketplace with video marketing. Imagine being recognised as a business leader.

There's only one way to cut through online - VIDEO

Use Video to Showcase your Business, yourself & your clients

The Compelling Facts...

84% of consumers told us that they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video. (Wiseowly survey 2017)

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non video users (Aberdeen 2015)

A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo (Socialbakers, 2015)

76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners are seeing results with video marketing (Animoto, 2016)

Terrified of being on video? 

You know that it's your lack of confidence is holding you back 

How would it feel if we helped you overcome this barrier? 

Ultimately giving you the confidence and the tools to scale

Be brave. Let's make it happen.

Relax, every step of the way we have your back.

"My proudest moment is participating in this video, it is so far out of my comfort zone!! Thank you Lisa you made it easy for me." Lynne Saunders - Wisdom Well

“I was a little nervous when it came to my Phone call regarding the video script but I needn’t have been.  Lisa was easy to talk to and before I knew it we had come up with a script. She is an expert at asking the right questions to pave the way to telling a great story about you. Thanks Lisa and I am looking forward to making the video.” Hilma Fitzgerald  - Feyre Home

How does it work?

1. Discovery session
One hour conversation to establish your service offer, who you are, how you help and what you are passionate about. We establish your ideal client, who they are & where they are located.                          
Together we develop the compelling script to your introductory video. Then we work on location & presentation for maximum brand impact.

2. Filming ( 1 hour)
We schedule a call to record the video at a time that suits you.You then set up so you are "on brand", filming will be done either  in person or via zoom.
Don't be nervous videoing with us is a fun & relaxing experience to bring out the real you. Just check out our video interviews.

3. Editing
Let us edit your video so it looks professional with your brand logo and contact details. Once you are happy then we are ready to go.

4. Showcase
Let us distribute your video to the agreed segment of our audience, of up to 60,000 business women, in your target market. Get known as our "Member of the Week" which will be published on our website, Linkedin & Facebook.

5. Your ongoing asset
You now have a video to add to your website and to share into social media yourself.

Ready to have a go? Join our short online course "Getting Started with Video Marketing" which covers what equipment you need, how to plan and some great great tips on how to maximize the effect of your video.

7Ready made audience
If women in business are your audience then let us help you connect. We will share it to the same audience as we agreed a further 3 more times in a year after you launch as member of the week.

  • Annual Membership to Business in Heels
  • 1 hr consultation to determine your story
  • 1 hr to record and tape video
  • Video professionally edited
  • Comfort of our support through your first recording
  • Showcased as "Member of the Week"
  • Targeted to your audience
  • Amplified to up to 60,000 business women each time
  • Consistency by amplifying 4 times per year

Only $590 incl gst or US$ 440

Introductory Video A$495 or US$350

Video Amplification 4X A$165 or US$120

Global Directory Inclusion A$49 or US$35

Member of the Week Showcase A$150 or US$105

Total value A$1354 or US$965


Monthly Payment Options available 

A$59 or US$44

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