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2 options: - Promotional or Professional Package
It's all about advice

Don't know what you don't know? Stumped in a particular area and too busy for online courses.

This membership was designed to help you

Six times a year you get the opportunity to chat to a professional on a topic that you  need help with. They are all experts who are  willing to share their time (30 minutes to an hour) focussing on your business needs. 

Learn the key things you need to know, the questions you need to ask and what you need to implement.

Select from 18 different experts:- Health & Wellness, Website health, Legal, Brand & Marketing, Contracts & Cash Flow, Social Media, Mindset, Automated Marketing, Podcasting, Video Marketing, Insurance assessment, LinkedIn, Instagram, PR , Google Adwords, Workplace culture, Teamwork, CyberSecurity, Leadership, Financing Options

It's all about marketing

Is your business the best kept secret out there? If you had more customers would that really help you?

This membership was designed to get you better known
Showcase your Expertise

Exclusive unlimited blogging rights to BIH public website to position yourself as an authority in your field. Every new blog gets share dto 37,000.

Share your product and service offering on our business on our Global Directory

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I was exhausted posting my adverts all over social media, my website and then checking to guage reactions. Business in Heels has saved me time. Now I post on both my website and BIH, then it is shared to social media. I have 2 spots to check for engagement and now I am getting loads of comments.

Angela Watson 

Become a key part of our collaborative community
Gain $98 in Event ticket $

Join our Members-only Facebook Group

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Ongoing 20% discount on all events(Summits included) with member priced tickets

Access to over 20 online courses

Access to our Members only offers, solutions, prizes & bonuses

Discover why over 160,000 other smart women choose to join our collaborative community 
ONLY A$190pa incl gst.
Includes 30 day money back guarantee

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Growing Promotional Membership 

Blog Unlimited (value est 5 times @$40)     $200

Sharing blogs to 37,000                                  $500

Global Directory Listing                                     $49

Event ticket money                                             $98

Total Value                                            $847                         



Growing Professional Membership 

Bi- Monthly advice 6 @$100                           $600

Global Directory Listing                                     $49

Event ticket money                                             $98

Total Value                                            $747                         



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