Do you fear you will be unsuccessful in business?

Are you frustrated feeling that you have more to give?

Do you want to contribute more whilst earning an income? Imagine being the go-to girl in your local community

Become a Business in Heels Branch Director

Build your own Expert Referral Network in 90 days

We empower women in business to grow and develop to help them reach their true potential as fast as possible.

Business in Heels is unique focusing on 3 pillars education, marketing and networking. It attracts savvy entrepreneurs and businesswomen operating both locally and internationally. Being a woman in business can be lonely, we aim to build confidence, find time savers, take the loneliness out of decision making and encourage them to scale their business. In doing so we have fun with purpose. 

65% of new business comes from referral. (New York Times)

Your Business - Your Way - Your Success

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Identifying the need for a different kind of networking, Business in Heels was developed to offer a refreshing and relaxed alternative. No more formalities, name badges and long speeches. Business in Heels puts the fun back into networking with bubbles, scrumptious canapés and value packed goodie bags. Women go about chatting, sharing problems, triumphs and ideas… all the while building trusted relationships that can be the provider or receiver of help.

We have connected communities in over 40 locations across 8 countries and are growing fast 

Become known as a local Business Leader
Own Your Network

You'll get to meet entrepreneurial, serious business women,  just like you. Catch up over a coffee at events, education sessions or online in your personal branch network.

Low Investment

Allowing you to achieve a fast, solid return so you can focus on the most important thing in your business... building relationships.

Ready-made Resources

No wasting additional time finding the right business model, trawling the internet learning how to , or purchasing endless marketing material.

We want you to succeed so we offer up to $3,000 marketing for you in your business.

Complete Online Training Package

You will be provided with a simple to use training package that steps you through producing your own collaborative community and running an online business. You are equipped with all the information and resources you need to create a successful, income generating Business in Heels branch. For those new to social media and the digital world, an optional mentoring package for a little extra hand holding, is easily arranged.

Help Other Women And Monetise Your Business

Become the centre of your own network, feel great helping other business women. Empower them with connections, education and marketing and watch them flourish.Help promote your members and connect them with Business opportunities thereby creating a win-win environment for all.

Work When it Suits You

Most of the activity required to build your community can be done face to face locally and  from the comfort of your own home, in the hours that suit you. You will need to dedicate about one day a week to net a decent return on investment. If this aligns with your other activities, like having coffee dates, then it will be easy.  Of course, we do encourage you to strap on your favourite heels for one of these days while meeting your potential expert business partners and attending your event! Caution, the more days you are willing to work, and the more events you run, the better your potential return.

Online Tools Made Easy

For those who are less technologically savvy, join the club! We have demystified the rhetoric and made it easy for you to learn and look like a digital pro. No need to be overwhelmed, with just a little patience and practise you'll be working with social media, online marketing, newsletter and ticketing tools, creating your own digital designs, PR, collecting your own data and more. If we can do it… can you xx

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I just want to give a little testimony about my journey with BIH. I came from a 20 year corporate job which I left in 2013. Since I joined BIH, I started with 90 members in the team from the previous BD, but no events were ever held in the area. Today I have close to 400 members and still growing and I have interaction with at least 60 women on a regular basis. I recently relaunched my marketing agency and alone through BIH branch I have got 6 major customers who are bringing in substantial revenue. I also received great referrals from the members. I had to master the art of networking and with the support of amazing fellow BDs, I feel very confident in taking Professional networking into a next level. My diary has never been so full of going from events to events. For anyone who runs their own business next to BIH your network is your net-worth. The secret of getting momentum in your BIH business is the interaction, the regular networking, maintaining the relationship and collaborating. Keep building and don't give up!! It is your signature on the branch. It is you who build the success of the branch.
Evelyne Wilton
The Hills, Branch Director
I have been fortunate to be with Lisa and Jo since they commenced running this fantastic networking group for women on a global basis. As a Corporate Annual Partner I have also seen the benefit the networking, marketing and recognition being associated with such an impressive organisations has given all of my businesses. The events are professional, the assistance with ongoing marketing opportunities and the connections we have made are invaluable. I will not be hesitating to continue this relationship into the future and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone business owner looking for a networking and marketing opportunities.
Renée Jovic

CPA MAICD Managing Account/ Director

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want far, go with others.

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