Join the team who will support you & hold you accountable.

Choose to fulfill your potential with Group Mentoring and leave the excuses behind.
Gain clarity, focus & achieve!

How it works...
Attend 10 x 2 hour sessions

Monthly in the evenings avoiding school holidays
Join the peer group full of professionals eager to progress their careers.

Explore the things holding you back & gain CLARITY on what you need to do.

LEARN how to value your worth. Tips on how to ASK for that pay rise

BUILD your network. LEARN the skills to network up.

Be held ACCOUNTABLE and ensure you ACHIEVE.

SHARE your wins & losses with people who truly understand your challenges.

Each meeting will be conducted over Zoom to save you time & travel.

“Mentors expand your viewpoint, helping you see multiple perspectives to solve problems, and from my experience, give you the ability to collaborate and workshop ideas with a trusted source,” Zimmerman says.

Ultimately keeping you accountable, supported & achieving!

Program Cost $1000 + gst pa
Monthly or quarterly payment options are available
PLUS Access to the Business Accelerator Program valued at $699
By application only..
Group mentoring is not for everyone and we work hard to ensure we have the right dynamic in each team. So take a minute to apply today for 2022 start.
What our attendees say..
Working with a new company of keen, very young, very talented individuals is a joy – however like any diverse organisation, there can be obstacles to overcome.
As an Operations Manager, it is my job to manage risk, and Kistin understands that and we work together to identify potential solutions  to resolve the pressing issues that face me in my role and as an extension, my company.

Working with Kistin keeps me sane and reminds me of what my main focus is (it can be easy to lose focus with competing priorities) and, most importantly, she provides me with the right contacts to support me and get my job done.

It is nice to be part of a group where you learn from others by sharing in their journeys. Always finding ways to do business better yourself. Most importantly being kept accountable for what you say you are going to do - knowing you need to check in at each month’s call.

Rachel Allan  

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