Do you dream of being a published Author?
Do you have advice to share?
      Have you considered sharing the most important piece of advice you could give
     Are you trying to build your speaker or expert profile?
     Would you be interested to explore how becoming a published author would boost your credibility and trust in your area of expertise?
We have been working on a special project based on the concept of Sharing the Advice. Either the most important piece of advice you have been given and how it has made a difference to you
The piece of advice you wish you had known earlier. What you did with it and why you are compelled to share it with others.
We are all motivated & inspired by stories and useful advice helps us all.

Be a part of our Collaboration Project 2022

Writing a book is not easy. Are you one of many who are daunted and don’t know where to start?
Consider being part of a compilation book with a team focused on helping you
1.Ensure your story fits with your goals
2.Support to develop your story
3.Be part of a team of authors
4.Learn how to market the book
5.Amplify your message through your fellow authors
6.Be read by more people than if you self published alone
Proven Process
This will be the third compilation book we have produced.

Work as a team with the other Authors to amplify & halo your story. Showcase yourself on our Podcast, Facebook Live and at the Book Launch
Leverage off an international distribution network
The Package
10 printed copies of the book. 
Copy of your chapter pdf. 
Your Author profile picture and bio in the book (200 words)
An optional coaching session to unpack your advice & work on how you will write it. 
Participation in our private co-author Facebook group where we support one another, answer questions and share valuable resources.
Your Chapter of 1000 words is featured in our powerful anthology (you retain the rights to your chapter).
On-demand printing access to print a copy of your book anywhere in the world.
Opportunity to LIST on worldwide distribution service.


Marketing Workshop.
Marketing Tools.
Book Launch event. 

Amplification through BIH network.
Appearance on BIH Podcast & Facebook Live. 

Cost $1200
Payment plans are available on request. A deposit of $600.00 is payable to get started. 

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